What's New

Drilling is complete on The Osoyoos Indian Band District Energy System!

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Drilling is nearly complete on the ground heat exchanger.  1" diameter HDPE boreholes are installed to a depth of approximately 145 ft.  The design of the borefield allows for expansion as the development builds out.

The district energy system consists of a pair of supply and return HDPE piping. Each building will have its own connection to the district piping system and a heat exchanger to provide isolation.

A central pumping system uses state of the art variable speed drives throughout to ensure maximum energy efficiencies.  A direct digital control (DDC) system provided by Kimco Controls will allow for constant monitoring of the system and detailed analysis of energy performance.

Geotility is acting as the Engineer of Record, Prime Contractor and Geothermal Contractor on this project.




Large scale fusion equipment is used to fabricate the district energy piping system on site.  10" HDPE mains will deliver the 20% propylene glycol solution to each building.  As the development expands, the energy balance of the system will likely increase the overall efficiency of the system, while reducing the need for future capital investment.